All The World’s A Stage

ZippingFor the past few months, the guys and girls of HEARTS (Hawaii Education of the ARTS) have been rehearsing for their upcoming performance of the classic play “Annie”. The rehearsal area is adjacent to our staging area for ziplines, meaning our guests have been treated to singing and tap dancing while gearing up!

The cast occasionally take their breaks over here at Bay View Mini-Putt and Zipline, trading their tap shoes for zipline gear. We think watching everyone have so much fun on the zipline is just too tempting!

The show is at the Paliku Theatre at Windward Community College in Kaneohe from July 20-21 and July 26-28. Take it from us, the cast sounds great, and the show will be one to remember. We’ve even learned a few tunes ourselves as a result of our new neighbors, but so far no roles have been offered to Bay View employees…

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