Zipping With The Stars!

April 24, 2012
Ice and Coco Zip LineWe’re (kinda) famous! Well, not as famous as some of our recent guests, but hey you have to start somewhere!

Flanked by their television crew, we were visited by the infamous celebrity pair Ice T and Coco. You might recognize them from their most recent endeavor, a TV show called “Ice Loves Coco.” However fame is nothing new for these two. Ice has produced music and acted in other TV shows and movies; while Coco has been a model and spokesperson for many years.

The zipline adventure was part of a Hawaiian getaway, and was surprisingly a bit nerve racking! Coco loved the fact that she and Ice were doing something fun and exciting, and although a little nervous at first, she ended up loving every minute of the experience. Ice was as cool as a cucumber as usual…

We really enjoy it when people from all walks of life – not just celebrities, visit us at Oahu’s only zipline. Sharing the things we love with others truly makes this a great place!

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